Saturday, January 05, 2013

Workspace update

So here is an update after an estimated 8 hours or so of clearing work. A lot of stuff is still piled on the desk (because apparently the sofa is for sitting on) but you can see that there is in fact a desk, and a chair too! I wasn't imagining it!

Much paper junk has been bagged for recycling and also the above desk shelf is starting to improve. Some of that time was spent filing paperwork and bank statements from the past several years and shredding any other bits containing personal information, I also found my driving licence which I knew was in there somewhere.

The PC is still in place but perhaps tomorrow I will think about actually turning the desk (and cutting off excess length). There is a little set of plastic drawers under there now and they will be re-organised and put back along with two other plastic drawer sets from elsewhere in the house. At least until I can replace them with better quality metal drawers. The lamp is currently not functioning but we will have to see whether it can be salvaged, at least until I can replace it. The CD's will be sorted and either stored long term elsewhere or disposed of.

Crafting gear is going to be split into two main categories. TOOLS and MATERIALS

Tools are durable re-usable items used to manipulate the materials into finished items. Glue is in a fuzzy grey area. Larger amounts of materials will be upstairs (fabric collection) whilst smaller ones will be located depending upon frequency of likely need. Polymer clay will always be near at hand whilst that raffia I bought for mini nativities five years ago can live on a higher shelf. Also non-crafty stationary/office supplies will have a place to live for when I need envelopes and other such boring adult tasks.

Sunday the tree comes down so the dining table can migrate back to its proper place, that just leaves the rescue bookcase which will probably go where the other plastic drawers are coming from,at least temporarily.

And for anyone making it to the end of this post I give you Freaya. This is our eldest cat at about 9 years old, she is the dominant female of the house and rules with an iron paw.

Until another day, Kim


  1. Your cat looks to be part calico? She is very pretty with lovely markings and serious eyes. I hope your organization is progressing well. I am working in a former small bedroom which is already packed all around and up and down and it feels as tight as sardines in a can ( read=cosy).


    1. This is the "Don't mess with me" look she uses with the other cats. She is actually very friendly.