Thursday, January 10, 2013

Further Workspace update and the last of the cats.

Good evening all

So after a few more days of work on the desk area (it has been neglected for several years) the desk is now re-oriented but the top surface is still covered. A lot of other items in the house need to leave, move or be added before any real progress can be made and that will have to wait till finances allow. I will continue to work on the shelves above, on my bookcase and also upstairs and will return to the workspace with a guided tour when it is truly complete.My PC has gone but J's is "borrowing" some space from under my desk.

And to introduce the last of the bosses cats of the house, I bring you Loki. He is little younger than Freaya at around 7 and is also a rescue cat. He is also slightly evil. Not too much you understand, just the right amount of evil. The amount of evil that will steal the prawn right off the top of your ebi nigiri when given the chance. Also not the sharpest tool in the drawer. Madly in love with Freaya despite the fact she would gladly never see him again. Actually, if he left she would have no-one to give her daily beatings to. So instead he spends all of his time with Astrilde and are sometimes referred to as the opposite twins, black/white good/evil and yet such good friends.

My legs are under this cat

ALSO........this means I am going to start working on some actual miniatures, which will give me something relevant to blog about and hopefuly make some new mini friends.

Till next time, Kim.


  1. Loki is very appropriately named given his description!

    1. Indeed he is, they have all come to fit their names perfectly. Thanks for stopping by.