Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Very Dangerous Visit

Last thursday I needed to work on a full scale project, cupcakes for my mum's birthday (I won't tell you how old) before spending the weekend at her house for a family dinner on sunday. This means I wasn't been able to work on my paintbrushes as I was without my dremel, but on the upside I was able to visit a recently open craft megastore near mum's house.

Thankfully there isn't a branch of this store near my house or I would be bankrupt! I did get to browse the place on my Christmas visit but I was itching to go back. Mum ended up going to another nearby store to buy a new toilet seat and then came back to drag me out. :(

I ended up buying two sheets of basswood (1/16th and 1/32  which is 1.6 and 0.8mm) I will be using these to make up a little wooden box for the paints to live in, hopefully it will have an authentic sliding lid.

Some one step antiquing crackle medium which caught my attention and a bottle of brown acrylic paint. I have the normal crackle medium but it takes a total of three coats to achieve the effect. The one step seems to be more of a crackly top coat into which I can rub some 'dirt' into the crackles in the form of a light wash or pastel powder.

Oh and a little craft punch, a 10mm circle. I don't have a reason for this yet, but I will find one.

Until next time,

What are your favourite tools and materials to use when making miniatures?


  1. For a year I lived next to a craft megastore and I was there at least once per week. Those cupcakes look delicious!

    1. The cupcakes were delicious, my mum put one aside to take to an older housebound woman on her street whose birthday was a few days away. She will put a candle on top before she takes it around.

      I took pictures with my phone of items I would like in the store so I can virtual shop until I get back there.....I'm crackers!

  2. Hi Kim, well we live in the middle of freaking nowhere so the nearest craft store is 1 hour drive and they have a very small assortment. I use materials i can find in and around the house. I love using that thick cardboard you can find in picture frames and instant plaster filler. The cupcakes look delish, wishing your mum a Happy belated Birthday. gr. AM

    1. Thanks for dropping by AM. I do have craft stores closer than one hour away (that hour could take me to the hobbycraft near my mums) but finding equivalent items for much less makes me very happy. As nice as all the things in the mini catalogues are I prefer to make slightly quirky items, much more interesting.