Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pinterest, my internet drug of choice.

Hello. My name is Kim and I have a Pinterest Addiction.

I would ask if y'all were as addicted to pinning miniatures as I am but from the number of people out there pinning and repining I think that question answers itself.

With a total of 1364 pins over 35 boards (and a not too shabby 272 followers)  it would appear I have a terminal case of pinterest addiction. In fact, I am sure I spend so long on pinterest and other useful sites looking at other peoples work that I never actually get around to doing any of my own.

Whilst my physical spaces are rather cluttered it seems that my digital spaces are just about the same. I was thinking of dividing my mini board into smaller boards (such as shabby chic, techniques, witch-y, antique-y) but I have such a hard time classifying a single picture into just one category. What to do when the same item but in different colours/patterns would fit in very different scenes? I am terrible at picking favourites or making decisions so it will likely remain as it is indefinitely

In the mean time, you can find me and my most relevant boards here at

Just Me
Miniature Magnificence (minis I love, by other people)
Polymer Clay Tutorial (translates well into minis)
Miniatures - Full Size Inspiration (real size goodies I would never have in real life but in mini YES)
My Miniature Creations (Currently empty but not for long)

Do you have a mini related pin board? If so let me know so I can follow and adore.

(Image property of with whom I have no affiliation, just an addiction)


  1. I love it too! Super helpful for minis too.

    1. I have lost more than an hour lost on your pin boards, you enabler of my problem :)