Monday, January 14, 2013

Project One - A Home for Belinda the Witch

Good day all.

So I listed my preferred mini themes in an earlier post, but in the last few days whilst I have been resting up a back injury (moving the desk perhaps not a great idea) I have had Belinda the mini witch on my mind, and all over my pinterest account. Tudor cottages and dark furniture in 1:1 scale and some amazing magical scenes in 1:12 filled my mind. So this scene will be my first project back into minis.

I spent some time last night (couldn't sleep, back pain) sketching out some ideas for my witches house, a modular construction allowing me to display on a bookcase but put together as a complete house when I wish to show it off. More about that at a later date.

To begin with, I shall make lots of nice things to go inside what will be a temporary roombox. Meanwhile, I can work on rough cardboard prototypes of the actual house, allowing me to put a lot of hidden detail in each section before actually investing in the materials to build and dress the final house. Also, once most of the main furniture has been made, I can better determine the size needed to allow me to add decorative items for years to come without anything looking too empty. More on the design at a later date.


So now we come to Belinda, who is for the time being just an image in my head. An image mostly consisting of her character and very little of her appearance. Perhaps I shall sculpt her myself, perhaps she will come to me whilst at a show or from an artists shop. When I see her, I will recognise her. For now, think of Heidi Ott's Old Lady doll. She will likely wear a lot of black (and other dark colours), but have a worn kindly face, that of the local witch to whom everyone goes to for advice. She takes walks in the woods, communing with nature and spends hours in her garden tending to magical herbs and traditional vegetables.

I am sure that I will not be the first mini-ist to inject certain aspects of myself into my mini characters. One thing I like to do and that has entertained me whilst I was ill has been drawing and sketching, a little bit of journaling. Maybe a bit of zentangle. I think Belinda might share this interest also, and so the first thing I want to make for her is some art supplies.

  • Watercolour paint set in an old wooden box
  • Brushes and a water jar
  • Tubes of spare paints
  • Ceramic Palette
  • Art journal to sketch in
  • Completed work
It is late here now and I must go to bed, I have a busy day of errands and guides tomorrow so give me a day or two and we will see how the above plans go.

First, the little pans that hold the paint within the box.

Scale size should be......2.5mm x 1.5mm x 0.8mm ........this could be interesting!


  1. That sounds like a great project! You sculpt dolls? Wow! Sorry about your back pain. I hope it goes away quickly. Take good care of yourself.

    1. I have never sculpted a thing in my life. I am hpwever willing to give almost anything a try, at least once.