Sunday, May 31, 2015

Perplexed Over Property

I wanted to ask a question

How do you decide which property to build for your witch?

I have spent far too much time pinning images of houses which inspire me, including houses that people have designed for vitual worlds (like the sims and second life) PINTEREST but I want to know how people make that final decision on what type of house to build.

So I have a witch character in mind, she needs somewhere to live and work. However her workplace must be separate from her kitchen. You wouldn't whip up lunch in a science lab, and isn't safe to mix food and magic.

Whatever it is it will be a scratch build so I can make it unique. My witch is a quirky kinda gal (she is a witch after all) so it won't be a standard shabby chic home (not that I have anything against that style I just find that more suited to a cupcakery or tea room). I was thinking more like a wizards tower but don't want a dark dungeony atmosphere. She works mainly with nature magic and has a special interest in herbology research (she has been published in many reputable journals) so a greenhouse will be in there somewhere too.

Probably the thing that has thrown me into confusion is the existence of cob houses, built in natural and recycled materials with lots of curves and flowing lines sounds perfect for the little witch in my brain. Except I can't figure where to put the workspace? A separate building or hut? Do a pinterest search for cob house or earthship and you will see that no two are the same. Perfect.

Mix all this in with the problem of display space meaning I would like to make my house modular meaning I can store each room/floor on separate shelves of a bookcase but put it together when I want to show it off as a whole. Also much easier if I am ever to transport it.

What about a nice cosy hobbit hole! Lots of rooms, no stairs.....????

Or maybe a treehouse???  Perhaps the Burrows??? (Weasley family home from Harry Potter)

And then I end up with a brain filled with indecision and do none of them, spend too much time on pinterest muddling my brain up even further and not getting any minis made.

AaaaRrrrrGgggHhhhh !!!!!!

The annoying thing is that I swore to myself not to get myself in a muddle about this again (it is not the first time, I have the sketches to prove it) and concentrate on the minis rather than the properties. If I had the space and time to build 20 houses then I would just build them all, but pesky reality intervenes.

HELP !!! Your advice, thoughts, opinions are much needed here!

Apologies for the lack of pictures, the house has been visited by the plague this week so not much turning, I am sending myself to the lathe this instant. I have some african blackwood pen blanks to experiment with.

Correction. I refused to have a blog post with absolutely no actual miniatures in it, so I got turning for a few hours with some new pen blanks. African blackwood is very dense and hard, takes fine detail well and polishes up to a high sheen.

I warmed up with a small bowl, the picture isn't very good but there are two lines inscribed near the top with a new tool.

The pot is was turned from a scrap of sycamore left over from making pens at woodturning club on thursday, this one is mine. The pen mechanism is from a simple BIC pen. Length 6".

The the challenge was to make a pair of pillar candle stands, I was more successful this time at matching them but I prefer the first one I made. For some reason the base got flakey on the second one so I guess it just looks more like it is worn with use.

I will try to have a more productive week this week, despite lots of full size things to do.

Until next time, Kim

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