Friday, May 22, 2015

A few days away from the lathe......but I'm back

Due to a shoulder injury I had an enforced break from turning which made me sad. Also a trip on Friday to have a delicious dinner and film with family for lil sisters birthday. That burger was so good I am making burgers for sunday lunch. With brioche buns. mmmmmmmmm bacon.

I had turned another little bowl on wednesday to take to my woodturning group on thursday but since then I had not turned until today (sunday evening). Twas the first time I had taken minis to club and I think the members were reasonably impressed with the delicate work.
Wednesday bowl (possibly walnut)

I also picked a 2" piece of walnut out of the shavings after the demonstrator had finished making a whistle and he proceeded to give me a piece of African blackwood to try. Supposedly it is very fine grained and strong, dense and perfect for holding the small details needed in mini work. Quite frankly I am too afraid to cut into it yet as it is pretty expensive so I will continue building my skills before cutting into this piece. (Edit: several days later postman brought me 5 pen blanks [3/4" square about 6 inches long]  to try before cutting into the bigger piece.)

But I am back on the lathe with avengance.

Today I was determined to make a candlestick after far too many fails at the end of last week and nothing to show for a good amount of working time.

Progress photos which never reached completion
 As a precaution I thought I would practise with some cheap 9mm hardwood dowel which was left over from making lace bobbins.

Not quite a matching pair

Surprisingly it worked rather well and a pair of vaguely similar candlesticks emerged. The light wood would also be great for anything that was to be painted.

Then another little bowl and a kitchen paper stand and I was finished, a very productive turning session indeed.

Until next time, Kim

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