Monday, February 04, 2013

It's happening again......

I am over planning things.
I have carefully sketched out a complete cottage design for Belinda (who is still an image in my mind) when she has nothing to put in it.

I have something of a tendency to do this, let my plans get away from me and then they can become overwhelming and actually stop me doing things which is really stupid and annoying. Hence a few days without posts, also home responsibilities were above average keeping me busy.

So despite having partially written a post about the ground floor plan/design I am going to leave it un-published in the draft section. I am going to be strong and try and keep myself thinking small.

Some of the nicest minis I have seen are not full houses, some are just a single dresser/hutch filled with co-ordinated goodies or a single corner of a room or a lone worktable. And for the time being that is where I need to keep my focus. Thinking small.

When I look through my pinterest pins there are so many things I want to make, all different styles of baskets, pots, ceramics, tiles, plants, books. The list could truly be endless and so for now that is where I am going to focus.

Maybe in a while when Belinda has a physical presence and a stack of possessions she will demand a space of her own and I will re-visit those plans.

I shall return to the theme of art supplies until I am satisfied with that, and then I will pick a new theme and order anything I need for it (eg wire for baskets) and then I will do lots of that item in various styles. I will link to tutorials I have found most useful and give you any variations that I have made to those or tutes of my own.

Belinda's magical cottage is not the only theme I like in mini, I know that shabby chic is a very popular mini style and it is one I would like to play with as it is not a style I would ever have in my actual home. Not super shabby chic like a cath kidston shop just vomited its entire contents into my mini, but a shabby lite, more neutrals with pastel highlights and some tasteful wear on the furnishings.

When I make baskets (again as an example) I can make some in neutrals and pastels for future usen, whilst Belinda will need darker tones.
I shall go and get a good night's rest and start with a fresh mind tomorrow. Does anyone else have this kind of problem? If so, how do you cope with it?

Until then, Goodnight all.

PS. This thursday till saturday I will be in Manchester for an event, finally getting to see Hank and John in person and I CANNOT WAIT, so excited!!!!!!!


  1. I have that problem! Unfortunately I tend to just start on everything I think of and then I am stuck with the mess I have now- multiple houses and not a single one finished. I have vowed this year to have more discipline and right now I'm mostly working on finishing just two. I like your discipline of doing smaller projects and collecting for the big one- you are a smart cookie!!!

    1. It is a terrible state to be in, the worst bit is when I make grand plans in my mind, and their grandeur intimidates me and I don't even do the smallest parts. I have to be disciplined or I won't get anywhere and I will be sad about it.

  2. It's so hard to start when you have a huge project to undertake. Then it seem more like work rather then fun. I agree with you- having a small project is sometimes the best thing.